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Here’s Why You Should Attend Essay Writers


Use this resource to prepare your students to include quotations for support in their academic writing.

• 16 Slide Powerpoint Presentation with the following information: Exact quotations, why you should include quotes, overusing quotations, sourcing, how to properly introduce a quotation, short vs long quotes, ending a quote, and a student use checklist.

• A handout for students with the most important information from the presentation.

• A tracking sheet that students can use to effectively choose quotations to support their points.


→ 2 Fill In the blank pages for note-taking
→ Double sided MLA formatting guidebook
→ Brainstorming sheet
→ Three Essay Graphic Organizers
→ Self Evaluation: Essay Structure Checklist
→ 6 Traits Revising And Editing Checklist
→ Essay rubric

Get essay writing help ready for standardized writing assessments and improve your students’ writing a little at a time week over week! Excellent, challenging prompts for high school level!

1) Two formats of the projectable prompts: PDF and PPT
2) Two formats of the printable writer’s notebook: PDF and PPT. This option is perfect if you are a paperless school because these editable files can be shared in secure online classrooms very easily!
3) Each prompt is completely Ugly Truth About Essay Writers originally written and classroom tested
4) The stimuli for each prompt is included (literature, images, info texts) – a few are the links to the stimulus – No arbitrary, over-used prompts here!
5) several of the prompts have student responses as samples
6) RACE mnemonic strategy with color coding, which is great for differentiating – My approach is a little different because it actually takes a writer from the beginning of a paragraph to the end, rather than just what to do in the middle. Therefore, it can be expanded to an entire essay. You can use this method or one of your own!
6) A few optional slides for introducing, teaching, and practicing the RACE strategy
7) Daily plan for writing each day in two formats: PDF and PPT
8) Classroom poster for the daily plan
9) Rubric for easy grading
7) Common Core standards